Newcastle University School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Sensing-Intuitive Dimension



  • Sensing Learners:
    • like to learn facts
    • like to solve problems using well established methods and dislike complications and surprises
    • tend to be patient with details and are good at memorising facts and doing hands on work, e.g. labs. and projects
    • tend to be more practical and careful
    • do not like courses that have no apparent connection to the real world
  • Intuitive Learners:
    • prefer discovering possibilities and relationships
    • like innovation and dislike repetition
    • may be better at grasping new concepts and are more comfortable with abstract material and mathematical formulations
    • tend to work faster and are more innovative but may be careless
    • do not like courses that involve a lot of memorisation and routine calculations
The chart below shows the distribution of the 1998/99 stage 1 students in the Sensing-Intuitive dimension. It indicates that the learning style of the class as measured in this dimension ranges from highly sensing to moderately intuitive. 

Learning Strategy

  • Sensing Learners
    • you remember and understand information best if you can see how it connects to the real world
    • in a class where most of the material is abstract and theoretical, ask the lecturer for specific examples of concepts and procedures, and find out how the concepts apply in practice
    • if the lecturer does not provide enough specifics, try to find them in recommended texts, or by brainstorming with classmates
  • Intuitive Learners
    • to avoid being bored in a class that deals mainly with memorising and rote substitution in formulas, ask the lecturer for interpretations or theories that link the facts, or try to find the connection yourself
    • you may be prone to careless mistakes during exams because you are impatient with details and donít like repetition
    • allocate time to read the entire question before answering and be sure to check your calculations and results